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Proverbs for Parenting

Written by: Patricia R. Chadwick
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Parents and Teens

"Remember the Lord's people who are in jail and be concerned for them.
Don't forget those who are suffering but imagine that you are there with them."
~Hebrews 13:3 CEV

Life is busy. We live in an extremely fast-paced society that constantly screams at us to hurry along to go on to the next thing that needs to be done. We don't take a lot of time to reflect on our own lives, let alone have time to think about the situation of others.

Is living in this kind of "hecticity" good for us or does it cause us to be self-centered? Do we get so caught up living our own lives and trying to meet the needs of our own families that we don't have the time or the energy to look outside ourselves to realize or even care about what others are going through?

There are many hurting people in the world. People who are struggling to make ends meet. Families that are falling apart. Associates who are suffering for a loved one's mistakes. Those who are sick and/or dying. People who suffer for their faith. Have you ever seriously thought about what you and your family can do to help?

We need to teach our children to look outside of themselves, but first, we need to make sure that we are able to look past our own
circumstances and determine what we can do for others. We need to learn to have a broader view of life than what is happening in our own backyard.

People need people. God has made us that way. And there is no greater joy than the joy found in helping our fellow man. Take a look around you. Do you see anyone who needs an encouraging word? Do you see anyone who needs someone to care about the pain they are in? You won't have to look far.

Take the time today to actually SEE those around you. And then determine what you can do to help.

Patricia Chadwick is a freelance writer and member of Mommy Works At Home, which offers moms the opportunity to earn a good income with a minimal investment. To find out more about how you can actually make money from home and have access to a great WAHM library visit: . For more Proverbs for Parenting visit our website at: .