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Adoption Support

Adoption Care Services - Adoption therapy and support for birthparents, adoptive parents and adoptees of all ages. Located in Pasadena, California.

Adoption Hawaii Resources - Adoption related information and calendar of events for support groups, resources, training and workshops.

Adoption Resource Network, Inc. - A resource and support group for all members of the adoption triad in Western New York.

Adoption Works, Etc. - Support for all members of the triad through voices of experience in artistic expression, poetry, journals, stories, and letters. Includes discussion group and links.

Adoptive and Foster Parent Association of Georgia - Providing information and feedback for adoptive and foster parents.

Adoptive Families Association of British Columbia - General information, support and workshops for BC residents. Includes profiles of children in Ministry care, chapter details, links, and articles on infertility, special needs, and other related issues.

Adoptive Families Today - Illinois support group. Offers newsletter, calendar of local events, list of local support groups, legislative updates, and articles on adoption and foster care issues.

Adoptive Family Therapeutic and Educational Resources (AFTER) - Provides post adoption services to families in Northern California. Includes online chat, bulletin boards, and community information.

Advocacy for Native Adoptees - Working to helping Native adoptees overcome personal identity crises, rediscover their roots, and build links with their original community. Includes message board and newsletter.

ANCOR Adoption Network - Resources and information for adoptive families of special needs children in Arizona.

The Birth Mother Tree - A place for birth mothers to add their names to break the silence and honor their loss. - Articles, poems, message board and mailing list.

Colorado Heritage Camps, Inc. - Resources and information about heritage camps held in Colorado each summer for families with internationally or bi-racially adopted children.

Families Adopting Across Cultures (FACES) - Offers support and education for those involved with cross-cultural adoptions. Stories and links are presented.

Families of FANA - Support group providing services to adoptive families adopting through a private orphanage in Bogota, Colombia.

First Nations Orphans Association - Assists those individuals seeking to reunite with their native families. Includes list of objectives, director's brief biography, and information about upcoming events.

Friends in Adoption - Independent, non-profit, support and educational group made up of families touched by adoption. Based in Auburn, Washington.

Helping Kids Cope - Offers financial assistance to birth mothers, adoptive parents and children in foster care. Based in Nashville, Tennessee (United States). Includes applications for awards, information about volunteering, and FAQs.

Indians Adopting Indian Children - Offers support, information and resources.

International Adoptive Families - Not-for-profit family support organization whose members have adopted transculturally and/or transracially. Based in Albany, New York.

Interracial Families in Fellowship - Informal sharing and support community for inter-racial adoptive families in mid-Ohio. Includes calendar of events in central Ohio and contact information for support in other parts of the state.

Jewel Among Jewels Adoption Network, Inc. - Not-for-profit, readership-supported educational organization which offers support through books and public speaking. Site includes articles, newsletters, and product ordering details.

Jonathan Pannor, LCSW - Offers counseling and workshops for adoptive parents. Features a list of workshop topics and contact details.

New Roots - Adoptive families support group based in Columbus, Ohio. Includes a schedule of events, newsletter and membership information.

North East Post Adoption Service - Offers support, advice and guidance to individuals affected by adoption. Based in North Shields, United Kingdom. Organization profile, membership details and links to related content are presented.

Open Door Society of Massachusetts, Inc. - Non-profit support and educational group of adoptive, foster and pre-adoptive parents and professionals interested in adoption.

Origins Tasmania - A support group for people who have been separated by or who have been affected by adoption.

Overseas Adoption Support and Information Service - Voluntary support group for people who wish to adopt children from orphanages overseas. Membership required for many online resources.

Parents and Children Together (PACT) - Offers support services to people living in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire (UK). Site offers resources and articles for all members of the adoption triad.

Post Adoption Center for Education and Research - Non-profit organization providing peer support, information, education and advocacy for any person touched by adoption.

Ranch For Kids - Northwest Montana ranch which offers a respite and foster care program for Russian adoptees experiencing difficulties in their new American families. Includes photos, fee details, and descriptions of activities.

Society of Special Needs Adoptive Parents - A post-adoption service in British Columbia (Canada) which assists special needs adoptive families, professionals and the community through support and education. Site includes news, resources and membership information.

Stars of David International, Inc. - Nonprofit information and support network for Jewish and interfaith adoptive families. Chapter directory, list of events, resources, and membership information.

Sunflower Birthmom Support Group - Search boards, mailing list, and links to related resources.

Trend - Nonprofit adoption support group for families and children of special needs. Includes chat room and message forums.

Vietnamese Adoptee Network, Inc. - Organization involved in networking Vietnamese adoptees with one another and the Asian Pacific American community. Based in White Plains, New York. Includes event details, resources, and mailing list.